What Sets Us Apart

Over the past 40 years, Smile Fort Worth has earned the reputation as being a very conveniently located family practice that saves busy families time. Our team has more than 150 years of combined dental experience, giving patients the confidence that they’re receiving the very best in dentistry from people who genuinely care.

Your Comfort

Our team knows that not everyone enjoys visiting their dental family. Because of that, our patients experience comfort as though they are in their own home, from warm blankets and headphones to aromatherapy and lemon-scented warm towels to refresh before they head back out to their busy lives.

It is our goal at Smile Fort Worth to help our patients feel safe and comfortable during their appointment. We understand that getting dental treatment completed can be uncomfortable. We complete a dental history assessment that includes past negative experiences to help us determine the best method of treatment. Many patients choose to be sedated during major procedures and we offer free laughing gas to help patients relax.

Your Convenience

Our patients choose us for a lot of reasons, but one unique reason is the unbelievable amount of time busy families can save by scheduling three or four children or family members simultaneously  for six-month cleanings and checkups and orthodontic visits all in the same hour, rather than in four separate appointments. No one has enough time, and our busy patients love that we make their family’s dental care as convenient as possible! Whether a family of two or ten, everyone leaves knowing they had excellent dental care in a timely manner.

What else makes us unique?

  • The amazing, life-changing results so many of our patients experience
  • The highly professional yet relaxed and fun-loving team of doctors and staff who orchestrate and deliver the treatment which results in changed lives for our patients
  • The underlying philosophy of excellence in all that we do
  • The convenience for and total care of each of our patients in every visit